It’s with great pride that I bring to you my very own driving school – Love Driving.

I love driving cars and riding motorbikes, and believe that with the right approach at the very beginning, everyone can enjoy that feeling too. I want to help others reach their driving test pass with an enjoyment of, and enthusiasm for, driving.

I’m bringing my laid back approach to life and social interactions into the role of driving instruction. I’ve enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive response to my personal teaching style during my last year working with a franchise, so I’m ready to carry that forward independently.

I’ll be aiming to blog throughout this venture, whether it’s business related, general driving stuff, thoughts about life with an electric car, or tips for learners and other instructors. If you like what you read, please come back and/or leave your thoughts.

Finally, please consider visiting my facebook, twitter, and instagram accounts for more regular updates.

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