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I trained with LDC (Learner Driving Centres) and qualified as a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor in March of 2017. I worked in and around Nottingham as one of their franchise owners, running a 2015 Renault Clio for learners interested in the more traditional method of driving for Brits – manual gearbox cars.

With many calls and messages each month, I realised there’s a growing demand for people who want to drive automatics, and ever more interest in “Green” ways of doing it. So I decided to check out hybrid and electric alternatives to the regular petrol and diesel choices.

I found the right car, an all electric Renault Zoe, and made the leap in February 2018.

Raised in Yorkshire, I settled in Nottingham in 2009. I love to drive for fun!

I’ve had my car and motorbike licenses for almost 23 years, and my LGV (or HGV) entitlements for coming up to 14 years. I’ve driven for fun and for a living all around the UK, in Europe, and even in the USA. Finding someone with a broader set of perspectives isn’t easy! The benefit to you is you’ll learn from someone who has lived with different views of the road, and safety upon it.

I’ve also spent several years in customer service for major finance, insurance, and energy companies. This means I know how to focus on giving a great customer experience.

In 2009 I went to university as a mature student, graduating in 2013. It’s ignited a passion for learning, and developing myself.

My life has covered lots of different paths, and has seen me mixing with people of all kinds. I believe this gives me the openness and ability to communicate with anyone, from any walk of life.

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